Webinar and reporting point long covid

What consequences does lung covid have for your work and for your health? The . organized about this AOb a webinar April 7, 2022.


Also opened the AOb previously a hotline for employees in education who suffer from long covid. Have you already registered?


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Frequently asked questions about long covid, illness, your salary and disability

What are the symptoms of lung covid?

People with lung covid have complaints such as fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain, headache, palpitations, persistent elevation, long-term loss of sense of smell, or suffer from depression or forgetfulness. The latter is often referred to as 'brain fog'.

Why this hotline?

De AOb and the FNV believe that the government should take action for people who have been infected in the workplace and who are still experiencing long-term covid complaints. In addition, as trade unions, we make collective agreements with employers. Perhaps agreements can also be made for employees with long covid. But first we have to carefully map out the problems. This hotline helps with that.

Will my salary be cut during illness?

You will usually remain employed by your employer during sick leave and your salary will continue to be paid. In the first year of illness, this is in principle 100 percent.

In the second year of illness you will be paid 70 percent for the contract hours for which you do not work, and 100 percent for the hours for which you do perform work, often on a reintegration basis.
Note: there are exceptions. Our advice: first check your collective agreement. As a member you can also ask us the question free of charge information and advice center present.

What about reintegration with another employer (the so-called 'second track') in the second year of illness?

In the action plan, you make agreements with your employer regarding reintegration. The advice of the company doctor indicates the medical frameworks and possibilities. Only if it turns out that resumption in your own position (or other suitable positions at your employer) is no longer possible, will a resumption of work at another employer be considered.

We call on both employers and the UWV to deal with this flexibly. Much is still unclear about the prognosis of lung covid, and it would be undesirable for employees to leave education unjustly as a result.

Our advice: Consult with your employer and the company doctor. Pay close attention to the formulations in the problem analysis and the (amended) action plan.

What is the wia?

In the case of permanent employment, the wia follows after two years of illness. The WIA is a benefit in the event of illness and incapacity for work. An insurance doctor and employment expert determine to
based on your limitations which work you can still perform and what your earning capacity is. Your income is (depending on the outcome of the inspection) taken over by the UWV.

Can the wia application be postponed?

In consultation with your employer, you can choose to jointly postpone the WIA application. Our advice: discuss this with your employer and see what is possible.

Where can I get more information about my legal position and income during illness?
For information about your legal position during illness and reintegration, we have a brochure made specifically for education.

How do I prepare for the meeting with the company doctor?

Carefully map out your complaints by means of, for example, diaries. Please discuss this with the company doctor. Also specify which treatments/medications you are already using. Are you being treated by specialists and care providers? Please pass this on. The company doctor can get the best possible picture of your possibilities and limitations.

You can bring someone to the interview. This can be helpful for cognitive complaints. The AOb also has wia supervisors who can assist you legally and emotionally.

Do you disagree with the opinion of the company doctor? Then it is possible to request a second opinion or an expert opinion from the UWV. Members can visit us information and advice center be advised on this.

How do I prepare for the interview with the insurance doctor (UWV)?

Think about the purpose of the conversation. What is discussed? Is it a freshman assessment? Or an interim assessment? This requires a different preparation.

Try looking at your daily story. What do you do in a day? What does it mean when you are tired? That you sit on the couch for 5 minutes or have to sleep for an hour? Be as specific as possible. This gives the doctor a good idea of ​​your options one day.

Disclaimer: no rights can be derived from the above answers and tips. Individual advice is necessary for an assessment of the concrete legal position. Members can register with us for this.