Local Negotiator

How do I become a member of the Local Consultation (LO) and what does a Local Negotiator do? Everything you want and need to know about this can be found here.


How do I become a member of the Local Consultation?

How nice that you are considering applying as a member of the LO. As a Local Negotiator, you are of great importance to your sector. In this role you will have the opportunity to influence the implementation of good employment conditions within your university or research institution. In short, an important, but also a very nice position.

What does a local representative do?

As a local representative, you take on behalf of the AOb participate in the LO. This includes union members who, together with members of the Executive Board, make agreements about the legal position and employment conditions at your university or institution. Together with the employer, they ensure that the law and collective labor agreement are implemented correctly. As a representative you are deputy of the AOb† You work at the university or institution yourself, so you know exactly what is going on.

How do I register?

Do you want to participate in the LO of your university? Then sign up at the LO of your university or if it is not available (yet), please contact AObdistrict manager Ahmed Charifi via acharifi @aob. Nl or tel: 06 22 56 89 99.

After registration there will be an introductory meeting in which you will be informed about the further procedure. If your university already has two representatives, you can apply for the position of deputy Local Discussion.

Am I entitled to compensation?

The appointment as a member of the LO is a formal appointment. You are facilitated by the university. This is regulated in the collective labor agreement. This means that you will be given time within your own employment to carry out union-oriented activities, including the LO, but also to inform members or organize meetings for members.

Do you want to become a Local Negotiator, but aren't you a member yet? Then register as a member. 

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