Brochures and leaflets

On this page you can download a number of useful brochures and other folders.

The leaflets of the AOb are sometimes interesting for all teaching staff and sometimes only for teachers in a specific educational sector. Click on the brochure title to download. If you have any questions regarding these folders and brochures, you can contact us as AObmember always contact the employees of the Information and Advice Center. 

Primary school

CLA special: My collective labor agreement for primary education 
Take advantage of the new collective labor agreement. Read the special and find out what the CLA 2020 has in store for you and what agreements have been made.

Temporary work in primary education 
Folder about unemployment and to which benefits you are then entitled.

Secondary education

Leaflet: Gymnasium, something for you?
The Interest Group Gymnasial Training of the AOb has published a brochure for children (and their parents) who represent the choice of school for secondary school or other pre-university education. Secondary schools can use this brochure on the open day as information material about gymnasium education.

flyer: Task policy 2020

Temporary work in secondary education
Folder about unemployment and to which benefits you are then entitled.

MBO and higher education

Unemployment in MBO 
Unemployment in HBO


Leaflet: Policy development and the role of the MR
The participation council plays an important role in the development of policy within the school. More often an active setting is requested. This brochure clarifies the process of policy development and what role the mr can play in this.

Students and starters

Posters: 'Good start with the AOb'. posters 1 en posters 2
For everyone who studies at the teacher training college or teacher training and is not yet working in education!

Flyer: AObyouth group Green Wave
All points of view of the Green Wave are succinct in a manifesto.

Information about AOb

Below are downloads that come with the AOb dealing. Such as the mission and vision of the AOb, the organizational structure of the union and the statutes.

Download: General Terms and Conditions legal aid and complaints procedure April 2010
Download: Articles of Association of de Algemene Onderwijsbond
Download: General House Rules Algemene Onderwijsbond
Leaflet: AOb Positions
Leaflet: AOb Mission and vision
Download: The Social Fund of the AOb
English version: The AOb in letter 
Leaflet: You are ill