Help and questions

Whether it is a complicated question about working conditions, permanent positions, an imminent labor dispute or a short question about the new collective labor agreement. Our employees of the Information and Advice Center (IAC) have answers to all questions that you as a teacher or educational supporter can worry about.

Our IAC employees answer the most frequently asked questions directly over the phone. You can also always call our employees with questions about the different types of memberships of the AOb, or you should come back on your day off and if you have any questions about your salary. Have your membership number ready when you call or mention it in the email you send to the IAC. You can find the number on your membership card.

Are you already AObmember and do you want to change membership information, such as your address? This is easiest through the personal environment MyAOb or through the change form.

Legal assistance

Of course you hope never to end up in an unpleasant work situation, but sometimes it does. A labor dispute was born that way. Even then it is good to contact our employees. They provide first-line help and, if necessary, refer you to the AOblawyers who help you find the best solution. They stand up for your individual interests in the field of work and income. If necessary, our lawyer will accompany you to court.

Personal injury

De AOb receives a request from about forty members every year for assistance or advice in the event of personal injury. These requests are handled by the Ratio Personal Injury Office. The firm specializes in personal injury claims, has many years of experience and is therefore a partner of the AOb. Go to the website of Ratio Letselschade .

Social Fund

AOb-members with financial problems, for example due to a conflict with benefits agencies, can in certain cases get help from the social fund of the AOb. The fund will only take action when all other government agencies and aid workers have made no representations. Moreover, the problems must have arisen through no fault of someone else's and the person seeking help must have been a member of the union without interruption for at least one year. The most common help from the fund is an interest-free loan that must be repaid in installments. For more information, call the Information and Advice Center of the AOb: 030 298 95 99 or send an email to

Ask your question!

Are you a member and do you have a question? Then our employees will be happy to help you. You can call our employees every working day between 08.30:17.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX to ask your question.
You can always email via Please include your name and membership number in the email. If you are an AObmember, you can also quickly and easily ask your question using MyAOb MyAOb. Or fill in the questionnaire . Want to join the AOb? That can be done using this link.


030 298 95 99

Also useful to know

  • How do you get part of your union contribution back?

    AOb-members who work in education can benefit from a tax benefit scheme whereby you get a part, 30 to 50 percent, of your paid union dues back. At least, if that is regulated in your collective labor agreement. You will then receive a part of the contribution back at the same time as the year-end bonus. If you want to make use of the benefit scheme, you must submit a request to your school board before 1 November by filling in an application form and AObcontribution statement.

    De AOb will send you an email with the form around 1 October. We will send the email to the email address known to us. Had nothing? Check your junk mail folder or contact our staff. Did you sign up on MyAOb, then the form can also be requested here via My Data.

    This scheme only applies if you work in education. If you are retired or unemployed, this scheme does not apply.

  • When will the contribution be debited from your account?

    This year the AObcontribution debited from your account on the following dates. This is done with a direct debit. The contribution for the relevant month is debited at the end of the same month.

    • January 26 2023
    • February 27 2023
    • March 27 2023
    • April 26, 2023
    • May 26, 2023
    • June 26, 2023
    • July 26, 2023
    • 28 August 2023
    • 26 September 2023
    • 26 October 2023
    • November 27 2023
    • December 27 2023
  • Has my contribution been increased in 2023?

    Yes, the contribution is 4 percent indexed in 2023. The General Meeting (GA) of the AOb decided that in October 2022. However, inflation has risen much more and the governance of the AOb has decided to include part of the increase and not to link up with the actual wage and price development.

    Teachers, OOPs from scale 9, management and self-employed persons will pay 2023 euro cents more in 0,75 than in 2022. Educational support staff up to and including scale 8 will pay 0,55 euro cents more than last year. Retired members pay 0,45 eurocent more. Curious about all amounts? View the table. 


  • Have your tax forms completed free of charge by the FNV Tax Service

    The IAC regularly receives questions about the FNV Tax Service. This is a useful benefit for this AObmembers. They can have their tax forms completed at their place in the region free of charge.

    The FNV Tax Service is the largest advisor in the Netherlands and, according to independent research, the best in the country. It is a free service that only FNV members can use.

    What can the FNV Tax Service help you with?

    • Complete late tax returns, care allowance, child-related budget or childcare allowance
    • Questions about incorrectly completed returns
    • Questions or complaints about incorrect tax assessments
    • Help with making objections
    • General advice on appeal procedures
    • Problems with the tax authorities

    Do you have a question about the FNV Tax Service? Then contact our IAC employees. They can help you further. Do you want to make an appointment in your area right away or do you have any questions after your declaration? Then you can contact the FNV Tax Service throughout the year. For more information, see the website of the FNV. 

  • Download handy leaflets and brochures for free

    With this page on our website you will find all the interesting leaflets and brochures on various subjects. For example, if you work in secondary education, the folder about task policy is useful to download. There is also an informative brochure about the rights and obligations of parents, pupils and teachers in the school and a folder about what to do if you have been ill and are going to reintegrate.

    View all leaflets and brochures via this link on our website. On this page you can download the leaflets as a PDF document for free.

  • Personal environment MyAOb

    What is MyAOb?
    MyAOb is a member portal, where you can manage and change personal data in a secure environment, at a time that suits you. Using your unique membership number and password, you alone have access to this data. When registering, use the e-mail address that is known to us, so that we can link the registration to your membership.

    Meet MyAOb
    What can you do with MyAOb? We list the advantages:

    • Consult and change address details
    • Consult and change school data
    • Subscribe to newsletters
    • Sign up for several AObgroups and departments
    • Ask questions to the employees of the Information and Advice Center.

    Using MyAOb is free. The only condition is that you have a working email address and use the email address known to us. The email address is required for the first registration and the link with your membership in our system. At this email address you will receive a confirmation email for MyAOb. Once you are in MyAOb If you are logged in, you can change the email address again if you wish.

    How can I log in to MyAOb?
    To log in to MyAOb you must first register once. Then you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. You can log in with the AOb-member number and password via:

    Want to know more?
    Do you have questions about MyAOb? Check this one out first this page. If you can't figure it out, call or email us.