Yes, I register as AOb-contact

Are about 1500 members AOb-contact. They are the connecting link between the teaching staff at a school and the AOb. As a contact person you will receive from the AOb news items about educational developments and you pass this information on to all your colleagues at school. This can be done via mailboxes, but also digitally via email or via a notice board at your school.

What does a AObcontact person exactly?

  • You make yourself known as a contact person within the school
  • As a contact person you pass on information to colleagues
  • At school you set up a permanent place for AOb-information
  • You point out the importance of membership to your colleagues AOb
  • You keep colleagues informed of decentralized consultation
  • For advice, refer your colleagues to one AOb-expert
  • To the AObconsultant lets you know what's going on at your school

De AOb is constantly trying to expand the network of contacts. Would you like to become a contact person? Then sign up using the form below.

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