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De AOb has developed three different teaching packages about child labor that you can order for free. In each lesson package you will receive the link to one film in which the life of a working child is central. For example in the lesson package Zara's Letter. The film is about the Turkish Zara (10 years old) who misses a lot of the school year because she lives with her family from seasonal labor and often works 11 hours a day to pick hazelnuts or cotton. Or Rabab (15 years), lesson package Rabab's View, who has not gone to school for years despite compulsory education in Morocco and works as a domestic help. Abdullah and Ferhat go to a dusty and stuffy workplace every day after school to work, as can be seen in the film 'Learning School' that comes with the teaching package School hears.

The free lesson packages can be used in your group or class and are intended for students from the age of 10. (Check the form below for the exact ages). They are also very useful for older students, for example, the teaching material is also used in practice in secondary vocational education and teacher training. The teaching material is easy to multiply.

What does a teaching package consist of?

  • One film with Dutch subtitles about the life of a working child (see above for more information about the films)
  • A guide for teachers with background information and lesson ideas
  • A simple information brochure for the students
  • Some teaching assignments


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Child labor curriculum: Zara's letter                  
Suitable for students from 10 years old.

Child labor curriculum: Rabab's view        
The material is suitable for students
from 14 years.

Child labor lesson package: Learning School                  
The teaching package has been developed for students
from 10-14 years, but is also for older people
students very useful.

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