Religious and humanistic education service center

Public primary schools must offer religious and humanistic education to students if parents request it. Tasks of the Service Center GVO / HVO include managing the money for training education and concluding the collective labor agreement for teachers who provide this education.


This CLA for the employees of the GVO / HVO Services Center has a term of one year: 1 August 2014 to 1 August 2015. The CLA parties have agreed that this CLA will be renewed tacitly again. If the CLA parties do not terminate the CLA at least six months before the end of the term, the CLA will be extended by one year each time.


Negotiations for a new collective labor agreement are currently on hold. Sent at the end of June 2018 AObnegotiator Hélène Jansen sent an email to the members at the Service Center stating that there was a financial hitch. The structural funding appears to be insufficient to reach good collective labor agreement agreements. 'Together - the unions and the employers at the Dienstencentrum - we have come to the conclusion that action is needed towards politics,' says Jansen.

That's why the AOb on 28 June 2018 a letter to the House of Representatives. More than a year ago, an end was made to the uncertain subsidy scheme for religious and humanistic training education. An amendment was passed that provides public schools with structural funding to regulate formation education. The intention was also that the teachers receive employment conditions that are equivalent to their colleagues from primary education.

In 2017, a motion was also passed by the Senate stating that 1,4 million euros would be made available to 'catch up' in the wages of the teachers of the secondary education system. The AOb is concerned about the further details of funding by the Ministry of Education. It does not contain any provision that refers directly or indirectly to the idea of ​​equal working conditions or to freeing up money to catch up.

'The consequence of this is that the teachers of the health and care sector are in danger of remaining at a structural disadvantage and cannot have a guarantee of equal terms of employment. In fact, we as trade unions are already unable to hold collective bargaining consultations with employers because the structural resources are inadequate ', states in the letter to the House of Representatives. The AOb calls on the MPs to submit a request to the minister to adjust the funding.

Have a say in the collective labor agreement

AObmembers participate in discussing the collective labor agreement. As the AOb- negotiator reaches a negotiator agreement with the employers, members will receive a newsletter in their email in which the agreements are briefly explained. A digital membership consultation is also held and employees can give their opinion on the agreement reached.

Hélène Jansen is sector manager for MBO at the AOb.

Our negotiators

AObsector manager Hélène Jansen negotiates on behalf of the AOb about this CLA.