Advisory organizations for Education and Youth (WAOJ)

Various advisory organizations from all over the Netherlands come under WAOJ. These are: Expertis Education Advisors Hengelo, CED Group Rotterdam, ABC Education Advisors Amsterdam, OBD Northwest Hoorn, IJsselgroep Apeldoorn, School guidance Zaanstreek-Waterland Purmerend and the Timpaangroep Gorredijk.


The collective labor agreement has a term of one year: January 1, 2018 to January 1, 2019. Negotiations for a new collective labor agreement will start in the autumn of 2019 due to an employer's delegation to be formed.

Main points of the current collective labor agreement

  • All employees receive a one-off bonus of 200 euros in September 2018 for a full-time job. The rest pro rata.
  • The scheme for incapacity for work has been adjusted and is now the same as the scheme in the Collective Labor Agreement for Educational Consultancy Bureaus (GAO). This means that the reduction in continued payment in the event of illness will be more gradual. Employees no longer receive 100 percent of their monthly salary in the first year and 70 percent in the second year if they are ill.
    The phase-out is now: 100 percent in the first six months, 90 percent in the second six months. At the start of the second year, employees receive 80 percent of their wages and 70 percent thereafter.
  • The new collective labor agreement is not yet available. The lyrics are being worked on. As soon as the CLA is ready, we will publish the CLA on this page. (Note! The CLA below is the old CLA).

Have a say in the collective labor agreement

AObmembers participate in discussing the collective labor agreement. As the AOb- negotiator reaches a negotiator agreement with the employers, members will receive a newsletter in their email in which the agreements are briefly explained. A digital membership consultation is also held and employees can give their opinion on the agreement reached.

Our negotiators

AObsector manager Herman Molleman negotiates on behalf of the AOb about this CLA.