Benefits AOb-membership

  • Legal assistance

Of course you hope never to end up in an unpleasant work situation, but sometimes it does happen. An industrial dispute was born that way. If you are a member, our lawyers will help you find the best solution. Over the years, the legal department has built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in educational matters. If you are not yet a member of the AOb, but do you already need a conflict or other legal assistance? Please contact the first AOb via 030 298 95 99. We cannot provide you with full legal assistance in an existing conflict, but we can discuss with you what we can do for you if you become a member.

  • The Education magazine in the mailbox

Inspiring columns, interesting interviews, investigative journalism and tips that you can apply directly in the classroom. You can read it all in the Education Magazine. The magazine has a mix of hard news, background stories and news about employment conditions. The magazine of the AOb is the trade magazine for education staff and according to media research by the Ministry of Education has the greatest impact score among employees in education.

As AObmember you will receive the Education magazine in the letterbox ten times a year. This way you stay well informed of the latest developments in education.

  • Great influence in collective bargaining

De AOb talk to politicians and employers about better working conditions and fair working conditions for everyone in education. The AOb is the education trade union with by far the most members. That is why we are a strong negotiating partner and we achieve good results. Sometimes action is needed to reinforce points of view. The more members, the stronger our influence at the negotiating table is to conclude the very best collective labor agreement for you.

  • You will receive personal advice

De AOb has special ones throughout the Netherlands AObconsultants appointed in all educational sectors: teachers who work alongside their job for the AOb. The consultant ensures that your vote is included in the AOb is heard. You can contact the counselors for personal advice and you can invite them to visit you at school.

The employees of the Information and Advice Center (IAC) will answer all your questions
Whether it is a complicated question about working conditions or a short question about the new collective labor agreement. At the Information and Advice Center (IAC), the expert employees have answers to all questions you may have as a teacher. Our employees are happy to help you. Call 030 298 95 99 or email U.S. If AObmember you get your own personal environment: MyAOb. You can always ask all your questions via that account.

  • Do the Salary Check and ask any questions to our employees

Is the amount on your salary slip correct and do you want to know what you will earn in a number of years? With the Salaryck of the AOb you will find out in no time. Do you work in primary education, at a secondary school or in MBO? Then simply check whether you are earning enough. Go to the Salary check.

Do you have questions about your scale and salary? Then you can as AObmember always contact our expert staff at the Information and Advice Center (IAC).

  • Be the first to receive education updates

Stay up to date and sign up for one or more AObnewsletters. This way you are quickly informed about specific topics that are relevant in your education sector. We will keep you informed about the latest state of affairs during collective bargaining. That way you will never miss anything again.

  • Take advantage of exclusive benefits with FNV Members Benefit

As AObmember you can take advantage of the FNV benefit program and receive many discounts. For example, a € 42 discount on a subscription at, a 5% discount on a new bicycle or a saving on green energy at Greenchoice. You can also as AObmember take out cheaper non-life insurance with Univé through the FNV, such as legal expenses insurance at a 5 percent discount or bicycle insurance at an 15 percent discount. Take advantage of all the benefits and have a quick look at the website of Ledenvoordeel FNV for an overview of all discounts.

Via the website of Member benefit FNV you can register with your membership number and name of the union. After registering you can always log in with your e-mail address and password to use the benefits. You can find the membership number on your membership card. Have you lost that card or do you have other questions about the benefit program? Then contact it Information and Advice Center of AOb.

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