AOb stands for

Good education requires well-trained, professional and motivated personnel. The AOb represents the interests of the teaching staff, in terms of both educational content and employment conditions.

The main task of the AOb is to ensure that members are able to do their job well every day, with the associated professional say and terms of employment.

De AOb is the largest education association and therefore plays an important role in consultations between government, school boards and other interest groups. Regularly put the AOb the tone in the social debate. The union looks beyond just the terms of employment. The union also likes to interfere with all other matters that are necessary for good education. The AOb represents the interests of the teaching staff, for example through excellent contacts in The Hague politics, but also at school and municipal councils the AOb active. Moreover, the pursuit of good education extends beyond national borders, also in an international context AOb a prominent role.

What does the AOb exactly for its members?

  • We negotiate the collective labor agreement of everyone who works in education: from primary education to universities
  • De AOb represents your interests in the broadest sense of the word: within politics, with employers
  • Our lawyers assist members in labor disputes with expert legal advice
  • Do you have a question about employment law development? The Information and Advice Center will find the answer for you
  • Members receive the leading Education Magazine every month
  • Members receive discounts on courses and training from AOb-Education

Unite powerfully

De AOb that's us together. Good education can only be achieved by a strong professional group. How we want to achieve that with you and what you can do, that's what daily directors Thijs Roovers and Jelmer Evers tell in the video below.

Anyone who works in education can join the AOb, both teachers and support staff. Students who are in the last two years of their teacher training or teacher training can become a member of the AOb. Retired teaching staff can also contact the AOb. The union is an organization of and for members.