Board member Bonaventura

De AOb-department Sint Bonaventura, the group for educational staff with a Catholic background, is looking for two new board members. This is a voluntary position and a position for which facilities (4 hours per week) are available. Do you want to gain board experience and are you willing to invest time to seriously fulfill this position? Then respond to this vacancy.

Bonaventura is the place within the AOb where teachers who work in Catholic education or with a Catholic background give substance and form to their work, meet, inspire and encourage each other. This one AObdepartment stands up for the freedom of education and represents the interests of staff in Catholic education.

Where do we want to go?

  • There, inside and outside the AObwhere desirable and possible, give an impulse to the conversation about education and teaching based on the emancipatory tradition of Catholic education and Catholic (social) thinking
  • Promote a culture in schools in which there is room for professional autonomy of the teacher and where responsibilities lie as low as possible in the organization
  • Promote a culture in which there is room for cultural and religious diversity, in which one can learn with and from each other
  • Promote a culture in which disadvantage does not have to be an obstacle to equal opportunities in education,
  • Promote a culture where the relative autonomy of the pedagogical domain is not constrained by economic, political, social or religious considerations

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a volunteer board member who works in education. As a board member you function well as a member of a team and you are not afraid to give your own opinion. We are looking for a forerunner who would like to do something with his or her ideas. You must also be willing to invest time to be able to give this position a serious interpretation. Deployment is in consultation with fellow board members.


  • Communication with members of Sint Bonaventura and the AOb
  • Organizing local activities around identity, diversity, freedom of education, professional autonomy, inspiration, motivation and equity
  • Representation for the group inside and outside the AOb

What can Sint Bonaventura offer you?

  • Management experience in addition to your job in education
  • A valuable network of education colleagues from different sectors
  • A valuable network within the world of Catholic education, Catholic social organizations and Christian politics
  • Courses, training, conferences, days of reflection at the AOb and our fellow organizations in the Catholic / Christian educational world
  • Opportunity to participate regionally and nationally about education and make a difference
  • Growth opportunities within the AOb
  • Reimbursement for travel, accommodation and other costs
  • With a facilitated board position: your employer is allowed to take you out for 4 hours a week

What do we ask of you?

  • Connection to Sint Bonaventura for at least two to four years
  • There is a board meeting about six times a year
  • Deployment in organizing regional meetings
  • Attendance at other meetings of the AOb

Interested? Reply!

Are you interested in this position? Send your CV with a short motivation to the chairman of Sint Bonaventura, Willibrord van den Besselaar. Mail to