Regional becomes the AOb represented by five districts. With offices in Groningen, Deventer, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, they are close to schools and members. The head office is located in Utrecht.

The team of district managers represents the AOb in organized consultation with school boards, negotiates social plans, and stimulates regional activities. The district administrators work closely with AObmembers at schools in the area.


In each region there are different consultants active for the AOb. These are often teachers who spend about one day a week in addition to their job AOb are in progress. You can invite a consultant to talk about the AOb to tell or give advice. The sector consultants have focused on their own education sector. Below you will find an overview of all consultants per region who are active in your area.

Academic education & research

It is arranged differently at the universities. Take at university or research institution AObrepresentatives participate in the so-called Local Consultation. It includes the Executive Board and representatives of other trade unions. Do you want to know who you can approach at your university or institution? Look here .