Public education

The Public Education group is committed to staff in public primary and secondary education. This group considers it important that the identity of public education is safeguarded: in the Netherlands there must be room for schools where all children are welcome - regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation or origin.

The group wants to strengthen public education and ensure that education contributes to the versatile development of students. By focusing on democratic values, public education contributes to citizenship education. Attention is also paid to the diversity of philosophical and social values ​​in society and what that means.

What does the Public Education group do?

  • Organizes meetings and training on the identity of public education.
  • Promotes and guards the identity of public education in conjunction with public school staff.
  • Responds to developments in national and regional politics in the field of public education.
  • Gives advice to it AObboard.
  • Maintains contacts with other parties involved in public education, such as the Association of Public Education, the VOS / ABB, the Dienstencentrum GVO / HVO and the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG).

Get active!

The group board is looking for interested parties AObmembers from schools for public primary and secondary education, in order to further shape the Public Education group. The chairman is Hans de Vries. Do you want to be active and think along? Then register with Frits Fraanje via ffraanje @aob. Nl.

Want to stay informed about the activities? Register for the newsletter Public Education.

You like AObmember can also join this group through the personal environment MyAOb.