The Post-Active sector of the AOb focuses on retired teaching staff and monitors the pensions of members who are affiliated with the ABP pension fund. The sector represents the specific interests of members with an old age pension, or a flexible pension. Also for the group of widows and widowers of post-active members who want to remain members of the AOb this sector is emerging.

What does the AObsector Post-actives?

Together with the other FNV government unions, the AOb participates in the accountability body of the ABP pension fund. This consultation body advises the board solicited and unsolicited about ABP policy. The Post-Active sector monitors and assesses policies for retirees within and outside the AOb† This sector also organizes various activities in the regions so that members can meet each other. There are regular information meetings about pensions or other topics that are important to retirees. Keep the calendar be careful not to miss anything.

Three times a year, post-active AOb the magazine AOb! Plus sent home, in consultation between the editorial team and the group management. Via the AObwebsite, the non-active members are kept informed of current developments, such as developments in pensions and living at home for longer.

For questions about this AObsector you can email to Hans Nieuwkerk via hnieuwkerk @aob. Nl 

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