Benefit Beneficiary Platform (PLUG)

PLUG is featured AObmembers who receive benefits. This concerns colleagues who, for example, are unemployed and receive unemployment benefits or people with disabilities who are on disability benefits or wia. Good representation of the interests of benefit recipients is for the AOb important.

The central objective of PLUG is collective and individual advocacy in the field of social security. PLUG represents collective interests by acting as a sounding board for the union administration and the platform provides information about social security. PLUG also stimulates good information provision from the AOb about the rights and obligations of different groups of benefit recipients. PLUG is also on client councils of the UWV and in partnerships of the FNV.

Colleagues on benefits can get help through PLUG. About fifteen FNV-certified volunteers are available. For example, they accompany members when they need to see an insurance doctor.

Also watch the video in which two members talk about their experiences. AObdirector Tamar van Gelder is responsible for this from the board AOb-group. You can mail via: tvgelder @aob. Nl 

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