Network Educational Support Staff (OOP)

Within the Network Educational Support Staff we talk about the concerns, ideas and developments of all educational support staff, such as teaching assistants, the toas, concierges and employees of the administration.

De AOb considers it very important that oops are strongly represented. Also within the trade union, so that we can properly represent your interests. That is why we are building a network of all kinds of supporters so that you can share your concerns and ideas and think along about the topics you encounter at work.

Online meetings

We hold online meetings for oops. There we talk about our profession, the concerns we have or ideas that we can share with each other. If there are new developments, the AOb that a director or policy officer explains this, so that you can get started with it yourself. This can be professional information or information about regulations in the collective labor agreement. This way you will be heard by the union, you will talk to colleagues who can inspire you and you will be the first to know about the latest developments in your work.

Join in too

The meetings are currently via Teams and split into primary and secondary education. A suitable interpretation is being considered for the MBO, HBO and WO & O sectors. Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to become part of the network? Then join us!

Sign In

Do you want to know more? Then take contact us with the demolition department of AOb- Chief driver Rosalinde Stins.

Also stay informed by subscribing to the newsletter for Educational Support Staff. That is possible in your personal MyAOb environment or through the form.