Network training of teachers

Teacher training is the gateway to the teaching profession. A profession where the AOb stands up for. This network is of and for teacher educators, internship supervisors and school educators who work in schools and training institutes, such as teacher training colleges and teacher training courses. Join the network!

The network meets monthly (online) where current themes are on the agenda in the field of training and professionalising teachers. Examples of subjects are, for example, lateral entry, making teacher training more flexible and 'Teaching together'.

It is a group that puts things on the agenda, but also where you can talk to each other. The purpose of this network is therefore:

  • The network enables exchange and discussion between members and works towards a vision on education
  • The network provides input for policy developments that are discussed in administrative and official consultations.

We focus on the quality of teacher training courses and increasing the say of teachers and teacher educators on the form and content of teacher training courses. The starting point is that every starting teacher should feel competent at the start of his career in education.


The preparation of the meetings is in the hands of a four-member core group. Teacher trainer Wim Borghuis (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences) has been appointed as chairman. AObpolicy officer Renske Vissers is from the AOb involved in this network.

Think along, sign up!

Have you been interested and do you want to join this network? Send an e-mail to AOb-policy officer Renske Vissers via: rvissers@aob. Nl .