Green Wave

De Groene Golf is an action group of young teachers up to the age of 35 from all sectors. The group stands up for the position of young teaching staff and wants to give education a powerful positive critical face. Spearheads are: better starter jobs, good guidance for young teachers and room for innovation.

If the Netherlands really wants to be in the top five of knowledge countries, then the young teacher must be nurtured and given the opportunity to flourish in the classroom. Only then can we hope for the arrival of the many young colleagues who are needed to make up for the teacher shortage.

For the Green Wave, it is clear that investments must be made in education. The question at stake is how we are going to spend the money. As an advocate for young teachers, De Groene Golf therefore wants starter jobs in which we can develop substantively: give us the security of a permanent position. This way we can grow in our role without having to change jobs countless times. Read all points of view of the Green Wave the manifesto.

De Groene Golf regularly organizes activities for young teachers. Hold the agenda be careful not to miss anything.


The board of the Groene Golf consists of five people: a chairman and board members. The board members work on a voluntary basis. Are you a starting teacher or student in a teacher training and do you want to work for young educational staff? Send an email to green wave @aob. Nl then we can look at the possibilities.

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