General Special Education

The General Special Education group is committed to staff at general special primary and secondary schools. General special education is accessible to all pupils and is aimed at social development, regardless of a particular ideological or political starting point.

Historically, the schools of 't Algemene Nut are precursors of general special education on the one hand. On the other hand, there are the schools that work from renewal concepts such as Dalton, Montessori or Freinet and other educational concepts. There, too, the individual and social development of students is central. Employees of broad school communities for vocational education can also join this group. An important principle of a generally accessible special school is to provide space for everyone's talent in order to promote equal opportunities.

What does the General Special Education group do?

  • Organizes training activities on the general accessibility of general special education.
  • Organizes meetings about educational innovations and the influence they have on innovation concepts.
  • Promotes and guards together with the staff the accessibility of general special schools.
  • Connects current educational themes to the staff in general special primary and secondary schools.
  • Gives advice to it AObboard.
  • Maintains contacts with other partners involved in general special education, such as the association of general special schools in primary, secondary and special education (VBS) and the VOS / ABB.

Get active!

The group board is looking for interested parties AOb-members from the general special primary and secondary schools to further shape the group together. The chairman is Hans de Vries. Do you want to be active and think along? Then register with Frits Fraanje via ffraanje @aob. Nl.

You like AObmember can also join this group through the personal environment MyAOb.