CVHO, for Protestant Christian education

De AObdepartment CVHO believes it is important that you as teaching staff can propagate your Protestant Christian identity at your school. CVHO helps you to give substance to this by holding meetings and by developing teaching materials that highlight the relationship between subjects and ideological themes.

Helpful websites

De AObdepartments have launched several interesting websites. For example one about the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. Former board member Henk Willigenburg says about this in the Education Magazine: 'There everyone can gather and broaden their knowledge about these brutal times.' Teaching materials can also be found on this site. View on the website. 

Do you work in secondary education? Then the website figurines of Christianity is also interesting to visit. On this site you can find information about key figures in Western European Christianity. For a quick and thorough orientation, with suggestions for use in the classroom, but can also be consulted as source material for papers and presentations. Go to the website.

For beginning teachers in special education, the website Inspiration toolkit useful. This site is intended to familiarize starting teachers with the ideas of Roman Catholic and Protestant schools and to give substance to the design of this education.


Chairman of CVHO is Peter van Arum. You can mail via: cvho @aob. Nl 
From the AOb-the board is Frits Fraanje, ffraanje @aob. Nl, responsible for this department. Anne Marie Adriaanse-Teeuw is secretary and Monique Steenkamer is a board member at CVHO.

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