Network diversity & inclusion

All educators and students should feel accepted, respected and valued within their school or institution. It AObnetwork diversity & inclusion is committed to this. This is necessary because society is multicultural and diverse.

The AObnetwork focuses on different kinds of diversity, sexual and gender, cultural, ethnic and religious.

Sexual and gender diversity

Not every educational institution is as pleasant to work as an LGBTI + employee. If the atmosphere is not pleasant for the employees, then that is often the case for LGBTI + students or pupils as well. There may be situations that are hurtful or disparaging and that are difficult to address. The AOb stands up for the interests of all teaching staff and our employees look at how they can make the terms of employment such that they take better account of the different situations of teaching staff. The union is also working hard to make education diverse and inclusive in all educational sectors.

Ethnic, Cultural and Religious Diversity

De AOb (h) recognizes and values ​​differences. It is precisely this diversity that makes us stronger. That's why we stand up for the interests of staff of all ethnicities. We strive for the best possible reflection of society, both in education and within our union. In a safe and inclusive learning climate, students and employees can fully develop themselves.

What we do

  • Within the AOb advise you we about diversity and inclusion and the way in which the union can include this in individual advocacy and collective advocacy
  • We increase the visibility
  • The network keeps get-togethers about diversity at school, possibly in collaboration with other organizations. In this way we want AOb-inform members about complex issues, such as racism, discrimination, sexual and gender diversity at school
  • Receive and share signals. We like to respond to the needs of our supporters and are open to signals and practical experiences. If necessary, we discuss the signals with government agencies or see who can help within the union. If necessary, we inform the media

What we want:

  • Combating racism, discrimination, segregation and inequality in education
  • Create and increase awareness about diversity and inclusion
  • An inclusive curriculum (this mainly concerns the subjects citizenship / social studies)
  • Fair school advice
  • Representation of society in education and in the AOb

To achieve this, we work closely with the AObboard members and with other organizations working on these themes.

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Do you have any questions or are there any topics at your school that you would like to discuss with us? Please contact AObChief Driver Rosalinde Stins: rstins @aob. Nl