De AOb is an association. The course is determined by the General Assembly, the highest body. The daily management is currently in the hands of four directors. The work organization supports the association.

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest body within the AOb. This meeting consists of about a hundred AObmembers. They determine, among other things, the policy and objectives of the union. The GM also adopts the budget and the annual accounts, and appoints the executive committee. The board is accountable to the GA.

Main board

The main board of the AOb monitors the progress of the policy. The central board is composed of different regions and different educational sectors, so that all educational levels and groups are represented.

Executive Committee

The day-to-day management is currently in the hands of five directors: Tamar van Gelder (chairman) Thijs Roovers (primary education), Jelmer Evers (secondary education), Henrik de Moel (secondary vocational education and general secretary) and Douwe Dirk van der Zweep ( higher vocational and scientific education & research and treasurer).

Education sectors

De AOb heeft five education sectors: primary education, secondary education, secondary vocational education, higher vocational education and scientific education and research. There is a sector council for each sector, consisting of approximately fifty members from the sector. These people speak out about the employment conditions and educational matters that play a role within their sector. The sector council chooses a sector board that prepares the meetings of the sector council together with the members of the central management.

Work organization

The association is supported by a work organization, which consists of the following departments:

  • Information and Advice Center
  • General Legal Services
  • Policy, Knowledge and Development
  • Out of order
  • Training & Support
  • Marketing and communication
  • General Affairs

The director of the work organization is Christa Compas. The AOb has regional offices in Groningen, Deventer, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The fifth district, North-West, operates from the head office in Utrecht. Read more about the AOb in the region via this page. Want to know more about the board and the organizational structure of the AOb? Then view the downloads below.

The annual report of the AOb you can download below. Also read the article via this link. Questions? Mail to: board @aob. Nl 

Active within the AOb

Within the association there are both voluntary functions and functions with facilities. So you can if AObmember of one of the sector councils of the AOb having a say in employment conditions and educational matters. The AOb contact persons in schools that want to be the connecting link between the school and the AOb. Members can also sign up for one of the special groups or departments of AOb. Keep the page with vacancies closely monitor.